Why Universal Learning Academy?

Universal Learning Academy strongly believe that education has the power to change individuals and that individuals have the power to change the world. We believe learning is for the full human diversity of people of all ages and abilities.  We respond to your needs and deliver accordingly, connecting you to your audience.  Our Academy removes all barriers to learning and gives everyone equal opportunity to succeed.

We recognise learning as a form of leadership. This is why we take enabling learning very seriously. We harness the power of technology to serve this purpose.  The Universal Learning Academy provides a variety of learning options in multiple inclusive formats to maximise learning outcomes for all. 

The Universal Learning Academy builds in flexibility that can be adjusted for every learners’ strengths and needs.

Universal Inclusion & Accessibility

We ensure the user experience and interaction is fully inclusive and accessible allowing all users to access and interact with learning content on an equal basis regardless of age, abilities or location.

Quality Resources

By representing learning content in engaging multiple formats such as text, audio, video with captions, subtitles, transcripts and recordings we give everyone the opportunity to access and interact with the resources best suited to their learning strengths and needs.

Collaborative Learning

We provide blended learning (a combination of face to face and online training), and wholly digital learning experiences, as well as recording of face to face training and the uploading of assessment and feedback data.

Meetings & Teleconferencing

The Universal Learning Academy has an integrated meeting and teleconferencing solution that provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, interactive whiteboard, chat, screen and recordings.

Learning Solution for All

Universal Learning Academy is a cutting-edge inclusive solution in technology based learning for schools, companies and organisations.


Universal Learning Academy is in compliance with national and international statutory legislation for accessibility, equality and inclusive for all learners.

Responsive Learning

The Universal Learning Academy is a user-friendly platform compatible with multiple-devices allowing you to learn on the go.

Tracking and Reporting

Built-in tracking and reporting tools to ensure courses are more engaging and effective

Testing and Assessments

Variety of testing and assessment tools to test learning outcomes.


Multiple types of course certificates available.


Featured Courses

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